Corridor Corporate Games

The Corridor Corporate Games is a company based competition, starting June 1 and ending July 31, that enables and supports teamwork, company pride and corporate wellness through healthy competition. 2022 will be the fourth year of this annual event and registration is now open! CLICK HERE if you are ready to register!

There are over twenty-five events and competitions offered that include both competitive and non-competitive events as well as in-person and virtual opoortunities. All in-person events will be held in the evenings and on the weekends throughout the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area. 

If you are interested in learning more or participating you can view a recorded version of our webinar or sign up for our upcoming Informational Webinar. Please Contact the Corridor Corporate Games staff with any questions. 

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Company Leaderboard


Division 1

CRST, The Transportation Solution      19,158    
2 GreatAmerica Financial Services 17,850    
3 City of Coralville 11,949    

Division 2

Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust             17,518
2 Van Meter 13,543
3 CCR 11,673

Division 3

BerganKDV                                           12,001  
2 Steindler Orthopedic 8,734  
3 JMI Labs 7,298  

Complete Standings