Learn and Earn Webinars



Thursday, May 14, 2020
Make it Ok: Reducing the Stigma of Mental Health
With Jami Haberl, Executive Director of Iowa Healthiest State Initiative
Must watch by 11:59PM on Thursday, May 21, to earn poitns for your company 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Fitness Myth Busting; What's True, What Not to Do, and How to Find What Works for You 
with Jeff Woody, owner of Ankeny Sports Performance, North Ankeny Crossfit, and Acceleration Iowa 
Must watch by 11:59PM on Wednesday, June 24 to earn points for your company

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Nervous System Hacks for Instant Flexiblity and Mobility Improvement - Results now available!
ith Daniel Flahie, owner of Flahie Fitness and Assistant Professor of Exercise Science & Health at Mount Marty College
Must watch by 11:59PM on Wednesday, July 22 to earn points for your company

How it Works?

Our Learn & Earn Webinars feature some outstanding experts in the world of health and wellness. CCG participants will have the opportunity to pose questions to speakers before the webinars by emailing info@corridorcorporategames.org. The webinars will not be viewable live. Links to view the webinars will be posted on the CCG website and sent out in the designated weekly email. Once posted, CCG participants will have one week to watch the webinar in order to earn points for their company. 


Each webinar will be around 20-30 minutes in length. The webinars can be watched at anytime, with-in one week of the posting date.


This event has unlimited participation. However, in order to earn points each participant must register individually using his or her email. The email must be associated with a company so CCG can track company points. 


In order to each company points, participants must be eligible employees (full or part-time), interns or retirees of companies registered for the Corridor Corporate Games


Company Leaderboard

Updated August 5, 2020


1. CRST International, Inc. - 14,669
2.  The University of Iowa- 9,059
3. Integrated DNA Technologies -  6,967

1. Van Meter Inc.  - 15,823
2. Shive-Hattery - 9,133
3. CIVCO Medical Solutions - 8,978


 1. Steindler Orthopedic Clinic - 19,719
 2. Shuttleworth & Ingersoll - 13,627
 3. CCR - 9,706

Complete Standings